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Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry

presented by

Helen Wight
PE Biosystems

August 04, 1999

The Scripps Research Institute, W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater


After obtaining both a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Durham in Durham, U.K., Helen took part in a collaborative project at the University of Toulouse, France in 1989. She has continued working in the field of mass spectrometry for the past ten years, holding several management positions at mass spectrometry companies both in the U.K. and the U.S. before joining PerSeptive Biosystems in 1996 (now part of PE Biosystems). For the last three years she has worked on the West Coast, focusing on biological applications of time-of-flight mass spectrometry.


Mass spectrometry is an increasingly useful tool for the identification of proteins from 2-d gels and other sources. This presentation will include methods for protein identification using TOF, QqTOF and triple quadrupole technologies with ESI and MALDI. The advantages of accurate mass measurement and sequence tags will be discussed, as well as sample preparation techniques, database searching and tricks of the trade!

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