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Protein Identification: Automating Peptide Maps

presented by

Jennifer Krone

August 16, 2000

The Scripps Research Institute, W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater


Dr. Jennifer Krone received her B.A. in Chemistry from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas in 1988. In 1990 she received her M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Dallas, and in 1996 completed her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at Arizona State University under the direction of Dr. Peter Williams. Her research during this time focused on MALDI mass spectrometric analysis and the use of immunoassays and surface plasmon resonance-mass spectrometry in biomolecular characterization. During 1996 through 2000 she became a partner of Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc. in Tempe, Arizona and Senior Vice-president of Lovelace Laboratory Services. This year Jennifer joined ProteoMetrics, LLC where her emphasis has developed into applying her mass spectrometric background towards the integrated field of bioinformatics and proteomics.


In the wake of the human genome project, the next important step towards understanding and curing human disease is the characterization of all mature gene products that are encoded in the genome, i.e. the proteome. For example, knowledge of the difference between normal and transformed cells in terms of which proteins are present and how they are post-translationally modified is important information for understanding cancer. Mass spectrometry is a powerful experimental tool for high-throughput identification and characterization of proteins and provides means for rapidly obtaining large amounts of valuable experimental data. The bottle-neck is the analysis of the generated experimental data. We will present different strategies for automating the data analysis and archiving the results.

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