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The Use of HPLC to Study the Stability and Degradation Products of Drug Development Candidates

presented by

Michael Brandl
Sr. Research Scientist, Roche - Palo Alto

September 27, 2004

GNF Auditorium,
10675 John Jay Hopkins Drive, La Jolla, CA



Over the last 30 years HPLC has become a major tool in the pharmaceutical industry. Its role is particularly important in understanding the reactivity and degradation products of drug candidates. This presentation outlines the importance, methodology and requirements of HPLC methods used in studying the chemical reactivity and degradation products of drug candidates. Specific examples that will be presented include the reactivity of the analgesic ketorolac in the solid state and towards isomermization and the reactivity of the antibiotic tobramycin, a Vit D analog, a nucleoside analog and a peptide hormone antagonist in solution.

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