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Microfluidics for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis: From the Human Genome to Mars

presented by

Richard A. Mathies
University of California, Berkeley

March 21, 2005

The Scripps Research Institute, W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater



Microfabricated microfluidic tools have reached a stage of sophistication where all types of chemical and biochemical assays can be integrated on a chip or wafer for high-throughput and/or point-of-analysis applications. Microfabrication permits the production of (i) very high density electrophoretic analysis devices that provide unprecedented analysis throughput1, (ii) nanoliter PCR reactors for integrated sample preparation2; (iii) integrated valves, pumps and routers for nanoliter sample manipulation3; and (iv) miniaturized portable microchip analysis devices. Terrestrial applications include the microfabrication of an integrated DNA sequencing-lab-on-a-chip4, the development of fully integrated microfluidic DNA genotyping and forensic analysis devices, and the application of these technologies to high-throughput and point-of-care infectious disease and biopathogen detection2. We have also developed a portable amino acid analyzer that is being field tested for use as an in situ detector of extraterrestrial life on Mars5. These microfluidic technologies will be described and then illustrated with applications to genomic sequencing, pathogen detection and space exploration.

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