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Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Cellular Metabolism

presented by

Joshua D. Rabinowitz
Assistant Professor
Princeton University

January 24, 2008

W. M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater, TSRI


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The metabolic network is uniquely well mapped. However, the means by which the hundreds of reactions involved in metabolism are regulated in order to meet cellular needs remains incompletely understood. This talk will present mass spectrometry-based techniques for quantitative metabolomics and the application of these techniques to systems-level analysis of metabolic regulation.

A case study involving nitrogen metabolism in E. coli will highlight the potential for using MS data to build predictive dynamic metabolic models. A key aim in this modeling effort is to understand quantitatively not only metabolic pathways per se, but also the means by which they link environmental nutrient availability to control of microbial growth rate.

A second example, involving viral infection of human cells, will showcase recent advances in measuring concentrations and fluxes of metabolites from cultured mammalian cells. It will also highlight the potential for translating metabolomic discoveries into new therapeutic approaches.

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