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Short Course on Metabolomics 2008

presented by

Trauger/Wikoff/ Yanes/Webb/Kalisiak
The Scripps Research Institute

May 12, 2008

NSI Auditorium, The Neurosciences Institute


  • Gary Siuzdak. Gary is the Senior Director of the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry and Professor of Molecular Biology.

  • Sunia Trauger. Sunia is the Director of proteomics and metabolomics at the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry.

  • Bill Wikoff

  • Oscar Yanes

  • Bill Webb

  • Ewa Kalisiak


The course will feature presentations covering topics including:

  • sample preparation


  • surface-based mass spectrometry

  • bioinformatics

  • metabolite identification

  • targeted metabolomics

  • real world examples

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