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Mass Spectrometry Basics Short Course 2009

presented by

Trauger, Webb, Apon, Greig, Patti, Yanes

February 19, 2009

Auditorium, NSI


  • Sunia Trauger, TSRI. Dr. Trauger is the Associate Director and head of the proteomics group at the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry.

  • Gary Siuzdak, TSRI. Dr. Siuzdak is the Senior Director of the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry and Professor of Molecular Biology.

  • Bill Webb, TSRI. Bill Webb is involved in pharmacokinetic research using ESI and GCMS and he has managed laboratories performing in-SITU bioremediation and has over twenty years experience in the field of bioanalysis.

  • Jon Apon, TSRI. Jon Apon has expertise in proteomics analysis.

  • Mike Greig, Pfizer. Dr. Greig has over 10 years experience in the field of mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry. He has specific expertise in the preparation and analysis of ocular tissues for PK and PK/PD, high throughput analysis of in-vitro samples for ADME characterization, and structure elucidation and profiling of metabolites.

  • Gary Patti, TSRI. Dr. Patti has expertise in metabolomics and its application to biological systems.

  • Oscar Yanes, TSRI. Dr. Yanes has expertise in metabolomics and imaging mass spectrometry.


Anyone seeking an introduction to the field of mass spectrometry its instrumentation and its application to proteomics, metabolomics, and drug discovery. A general understanding of a mass spectrometry is helpful.

  • Learn about the most recent technology developed for proteomics, metabolomics, PK-ADME analysis, and drug discovery

  • Obtain a basic understanding of ionization and mass analysis

  • Learn why mass spectrometry is one of the most important tools in biology and chemistry

  • Approaches to data analysis for protein identification and characterization

  • Become aware of quantitative analysis for both small molecule metabolites and proteins

  • Learn the advantages and limitations of this technology for these specific applications

Course Topics

  • Ionization Approaches for Biological and Chemical Screening

  • Pharmacokinetics/Metabolite Profiling and Quantitation Methods

  • Protein Identification With MALDI-MS and LC/MS/MS

  • Computational Approaches to Data Analysis for Identification and Quantitative Analysis

  • Mass Analysis Approaches for Biological and Chemical Screening

  • Computational Approaches for Data Analysis and Acquisition

  • High-Throughput Applications of Mass Spectrometry

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