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Peptides, Proteins, and MALDI Mass Spectrometry

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Alan Wolstenholme
Kratos Analytical

March 31, 1996

The Scripps Research Institute, The Committee Lecture Hall


Dr. W. Alan Wolstenholme first studied mass spectrometry in his native England. In 1968 he received his Ph.D. in Organic Mass Spectrometry from the University of Salford in Manchester, concentrating on the Determination of Amino Acid Sequences in Peptides and Metastable Ion Studies. Of note, during his doctorate study Dr. Wolstenholme worked in Micheal Barber's lab where Fast Atom Bombardment was originally developed. At this time Dr. Wolstenholme was also working on natural and synthetic peptides at AEI Scientific Apparatus Ltd. In 1969 Dr. Wolstenholme left the U.K., working as a Project Manager in Mass Spectrometry at AEI in New York until 1976 and was then at Varian MAT in New Jersey until 1980. He then headed out west to VG Instruments where he worked in West Coast Sales of Mass Spectrometry and surface science for 11 years. In 1991, Dr. Wolstenholme joined Kratos Analytical Inc. as their Western Region Sales Manager where he continues today.


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