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A Lab Overview: Protein Dynamics at Pfizer

presented by

Mike Greig
Associate Research Fellow Pfizer, Inc.

April 18, 2013

The Scripps Research Institute Auditorium


Mike Greig is an Associate Research Fellow and leads Protein Dynamics, a biological mass spectrometry research group at Pfizer (La Jolla Labs). Prior to that, he worked at Revlon Science Institute as a polymer and analytical chemist and was the Mass Spectrometry Lab Manager at Isis Pharmaceuticals. He has over 25 years experience in the field of mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry, analyzing everything from small molecules to polymers to proteins. He has taught over 25 mass spectrometry classes at various companies and scientific conferences around the world, was a Keynote speaker at the International Mass Spectrometry Conference, a member of the Lab Automation Scientific Committee, current member of National High Magnetic Field Laboratory FTICR MS Advisory Panel, and has over 60 presentations and publications.


Sandman has been napping since 2010 and has awakened with a new format in 2013. The new Sandman format will be outlined and the first "Local Lab Overview" will be presented. Pfizer's Protein Dynamics mass spec group will be introduced. Protein Dynamics utilizes mass spectrometry and related technologies to characterize cancer protein targets in various cellular states, HDX MS for protein structural dynamics analysis, and non-covalent mass spec to investigate interactions of biomolecular complexes.

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